THR is reporting that Darren Aronofsky’s next project is most likely going to be Black Swan, no relation to the highly popular Patrick Swayze movie, Black Dog. While fans look froward to just about everything he puts out, this decision leaves many wondering… what about Robocop?

The signatures haven’t hit the contracts yet, but its looking like Black Swan will definitely be Aronofsky’s next flick. That said, there have been a few budget and financing issues on the film that is slated to have Natalie Portman as a star. Still, they expect a fall start to filming. That timeline means bad things for robocop.

Aronfosky and writer David Self have been working closely to hone ideas on the action reboot. Though it would be a tight fit, MGM could essentially hit the pause button until early-mid 2010, when Aronofsky is finished with “Swan,” and still make its 2011 release-date target.

But insiders in the rep community say the studio has also quietly put out feelers for other directors who could come on to “Robocop” in case the timing doesn’t work out.

Also, with MGM in reboot heaven with movies like Red dawn and Poltergeist, there’s a chance the studio might just mothball the project till a later date.