We don’t do all that much reporting on music here at Bent Wookie, but once in a while a story pops up that’s just to big or, in this case, weird for us to ignore. There’s a new super group hitting the stage. they just announced themselvs in the last day or two. In the same way they Blind Faith brought together legends like Eric Clapton and Steven Windwood or in the way the Velvet Revolver melded the talents of Slash, Duff McKagan and Scott Weiland, Tinted Windows is the culmination of music history.

That’s right the band is called Tinted Windows and check out their killer line up:
Bun E. Carlos from Cheap Trick.
James Iha From The Smashing Pumpkins
Adam Schlesinger From Fountains of Wayne
Taylor Hanson from: Hanson

That’s right, Taylor Hanson is back in action and from the promo for this week’s “Rock After Dark”, he doesn’t sound half bad. There’s a lot of power behind this new group and it would be great to see musicians from such different backgrounds come together and blow away the skeptics. This just leaves me with one question. What ever happened to the hot chick from Hanson?

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