Our first two thoughts about Earth to Ned, Disney+’s new talk show starring a puppet created by Jim Henson’s creature shop are this: 1. This doesn’t look extremely promising, and 2. We’re definitely going to watch it.

As to why it doesn’t look that promising, it looks like Disney+ has created a talk show just to promote Disney+ fare. That means the show won’t be putting A-listers on the sofa with the Alien known as Ned, instead, we’ll probably be getting talent that is more in line with whatever new movie or series is coming out on the streamer. On the Upside, there are some great talents coming like Gina Carano, Joel McHale, and Billy Dee Williams, but but there doesn’t seem to be any big star there that will grab potential watchers and make them give it a try.

As to why we are still going to watch it, it’s a Henson Production. The star of the show is a Creature shop puppet, and it looks like almost everyone on the screen, other than the guests will also be puppets from the Jim Henson company. Honestly, we’re pretty easy. When Henson puppets are involved, we are going to give it a shot.

We’ll find out if it’s worth it when Earth To Ned hits Disney+ on September 4th.