Harry Potter may have ended, but the magic continues to live on within each and one of us. YouTuber themanbatman clearly is still feeling it tingling between his nether reigns, and as a result have created this fantastic 15-minute long Harry Potter tribute video that recaps the entire saga. It’s definitely a strenuous labor of love and a video any Pot-head would love.

Here’s a description and some emotional words from the creator:
Well…here it is. After both mentally conceptualizing and physically working on it for so long, it feels great to finally have it finished and out there for fellow fans to see. And rest assured, that is indeed what this is all about. This is 100%, through and through, a video by a fan, for the fans. One can only hope that we are all able to come together and reminisce, appreciate, and above all, celebrate the monumental achievements of the Harry Potter series.

As one will be able to tell, this doesn’t really fit the typical “AMV style” of such projects. While I definitely considered going that route, I really wanted to work in plot, sequentiality, structure, and select pieces from all 8 scores. As such, I felt that this “narrative” approach was the best way to go about accomplishing all of these tasks. As mentioned in the first teaser, we really do follow a “prologue — movies 1 – 8 — epilogue” format here.

Creating this tribute was easily one of the most simultaneously rewarding and draining things I’ve ever done. Most of the time, it absolutely killed me to not be able to include specific bits and moments in it. I’m sure such choices will be polarizing (believe me, I sympathize – some of my favorite moments had to be scrapped as well), but I was working towards creating somewhat of a narrative flow that established fans could follow, and as a result, omissions were necessary. Of course, one also has to consider the ridiculousness of trying to cram over 16 hours of footage into 15, coherent minutes. This was my personal justification… ;)

I feel no shame in admitting that tears, both happy and sad, were shed during the making of this tribute. This series, both books and films, has captured me in a way that I’m sure many others have felt as well, and as such, I sincerely hope that all Harry Potter fans out there enjoy watching it just as much as I did making it.

To sum up this very long description, I’d just like to thank the exceptional team that has been behind bringing Harry Potter to the big screen, and dedicate this video to all involved in the decade-long production. And to reiterate, this tribute is also dedicated to all fans of the series. It is via our admiration that the magic will forever live on…