Most people weren’t sure what to expect with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s new comedy “Paul.” If anything, it was pretty under the radar and largely overlooked especially when compared to all the happenings in Hall H at SDCC on Saturday. But fans who decided to come early for Marvel’s “Thor” and “Captain America” had a real treat.

Literally the entire crew made an appearance that consist of Simon Pegg, Nick Forst, Jason Batman, Bill Hader, Jeffery Tambor, Seth Rogan, Joe Latruly and Sigourney Weaver.

According to Simon, “Paul” was seven years in the making and it was a premise that developed during the set of “Shawn of the Dead.” In order to prepare for the role, the actors took a road trip in an RV across the United States. Seth Rogan plays a CGI Alien that required him to wear a suit with orbs similar to the one worn by the actor that played Gollum.

An extended and uncensored trailer was shown that began with Pegg and Frost attending Comic-Con. Then they shown driving in a dessert and make plans to drive through Area 51. As they are driving, a car accident occurs in front of them and as they go to investigates they are greeted by Paul, the alien. They duo faints, a reoccurring gag in the movie.

Otherwise known as the little green men. Paul (played by Seth Rogan) looks just like your stereotypical alien with a big head and large eyes. Except he has mastered the art of the English language as he points out when Frost’s character asked him how he can understand and speak English… because he can.

We are then introduced to FBI agents Jason Batman and Bill Hader who have been hunting Paul in order to return him back to Area 51. Kristen Wiig also makes an appearance in the film much to the fan’s delight. She’ll play a Christian Scientists. There are several quick cuts of car chases, people fainting after seeing Paul for the first time, and Paul declaring that it’ll be “Probing time” to some rednecks who want to start some trouble with the boys.

“Paul” arrives on Earth in March 2011.