The first footage of “Cowboys & Aliens” premiered at SDCC in Hall H the other night and everyone that was there saw greatness.

Directed by Jon Favreau, he came out to rock music and electrified the crowd who had just got done with the comedic efforts of “Paul.” He then began to introduce the cast members such as Daniel Craig, Olivia Wilde, Sam Rockwell and … Harrison Ford.

Daniel Craig received a tremendous round of applause, Harrison Ford received a full minute long standing ovation.

He even came out in cuffs with a police escort as part of an inside joke which drove the crowd to even more excitement. This marks the first time Ford has attended SDCC, after having said in the pass that the only way he’d attend Comic-Con is if he were in cuffs.

Favreau then announced that he has a few really really rough scenes to show and what we saw were hardly anything rough. According to Favreau, it was hastily edited so he could show it to fans at SDCC and that the film had only been shooting for about a week.

The first scene had Craig’s character riding into town on a horse, his face is chalk full of dirt and caked with blood. He then breaks into someone’s home to clean himself and its revealed that he’s been shot. We also see a strange sci-fi device around his wrist. From behind, the owner of the house sneaks up to him and puts a shotgun to his head saying there are two types of people who get shot: the victim and someone who deserves it. He then asks him which he is in which he replies he doesn’t know.

It cuts to another scene where Craig’s character is woken up by the spot of The man in the jail cell next to him. We later learn that he is the delinquent son of Harrison Ford’s character. Craig being the badass has none of that and violently pulls him against his bars knocking him out. He is then lead out by police with shutguns trained on him and thrown into a jail carriage.

Just as he’s about to be led away. Harrison Ford’s character and his gang rides in causing a commotion. Ford claims that Craig is his because he had stolen gold from him. Out of nowhere in the distance, a strange glowing light can be seen in the sky. It gets closer and then begins to attack blowing up the town and setting everything on fire. One of the blast knocks the carriage containing Craig over setting him free. He then takes aim at one of the alien aircrafts with the strange device on his wrist. It turns out it is some sort of weapon as it expanded mechanically and shot out a blast so strong it downed one of the alien spacecrafts.