Zack Snyder unveiled his new movie “Sucker Punch” in Hall H Saturday and held nothing back. Joining him were the “deadly” and beautiful actresses of “Sucker Punch” that include: Emily Browning, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone and Carla Gugino.

According to Snyder, the film has been a work in progress for over eight years and that this would be the first time anyone has seen the trailer including the girls. Snyder also says he believes in making original movies and calls everything else that he doesn’t stand for in film making “breakfast cereal or super glue.” Which got a chuckle from the audience.

The extended trailer is then played and it’s a two minute masterpiece of CGI mayhem, babes, explosions, zombies, B.F.G. dragon, robots and ass kicking. Because of all that was shown, it’s hard to describe and this is one of those trailers that you have to see for yourself. Some of the highlights include Browning’s character, Baby Doll, kneeling with a samurai sword with air blowing around her. It looks like something out of a comic book or a Manga. The film is for the most part CG, and it’s very similar to how “300” was with massive slowdowns during battles whether with zombies, a big dragon, or some ginormous mecha of death and destruction.

After the trailer was over each of the girls were asked to introduce themselves and their character. Browning exclaimed how she’s blown away by the footage that she is shaking. Hudgens (Blondie) says they all got to fire real guns and it was one of her favorite parts. Malone (Rocket) thought the footage and experience was amazing. Chung (Amber) says her character is one of the first to jump onto Baby Doll’s plan. Meanwhile, Gugino plays a Polish psychiatrist in the asylum.

According to Snyder, there will be “a twist or a reveal” because he believes in having a satisfying ending. “I wanted something where after I saw the first cut, I though ‘I could take all of the action out and this would still be awesome’.”

Snyder also fielded a question from an audience member who asked him how it was like to work with an all female cast. To his amusement he chimed that it was “awesome,” and that the actresses were all amazing. Later Browning explained how “Sucker Punch” is different in terms of a female action movie. She insists that this is not a parody where she was one of those girls with guns because it was funny. Rather, these are girls you take seriously because otherwise they can kick your ass and have interesting personalities.

When asked if the film would be R or PG-13, Snyder quipped that there’s a good chance for PG-13 because no humans were killed. It is just a bunch of robots and dead Nazi zombies.

Near the end of the panel an audience member asked how it was like making a movie with such strong female characters. Gugino fielded the question and very eloquently explained how it was such a unique experience and that the women in it are all incredibly empowered. She believes that women can have multiple layers and what’s different about this movie is that they are all the equivalent of male action heroes. And that just because they are dressed sexy, it doesn’t mean they are being objectified. There is a real strength within and that’s what makes this movie is all about.

After the Q&A, the trailer was shown one more time. This time, the girls all went down stairs to get a better view of their new film which they are just seeing for the second time like the rest of the audience.