After yesterday’s announcement on movie release dates from Disney, Sony decided that they had to make their own voices heard. The big news is that Robocop has been pushed back from August 9th of 2013 to February 7th, 2014. I’m sure there are lot of technical reasons for it… you know, just like the technical reasons that they had for delaying the new GI Joe film by a year.

Just because Robocop is vacating a space, doesn’t mean it will be empty. Neill Blomkampā€™s Elysium with Matt Damon is jumping into the spot. This will be special for Blomkamp as it means his new film will be released the same week of the year as his last film, District 9.

Other news includes a move for Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers. It’s jumping up from February 7th 2014 to September 27th, 2013.

finally, PIXELS, which is being adapted by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions is being set as “in development” and is currently slated for a 2014 release.

If you haven’t seen the short film that PIXELS is based off of, shame on you. Watch it now!