For years, John Lasseter led Pixar to box office and Academy Awards gold, but some of his alleged behavior in the workplace put an end to his time with Disney and pushed him out of the movie industry for nearly a year. It was recently announced that he would be coming back to head up Skydance Animation’s studio, but his hiring has proven to be more than a little controversial.

THR is reporting that one of the ramifications of Lasseter joining up at Skydance is being felt in the upcoming animated film, Luck. In protest of the hiring, Emma Thompson has quit the film. The move was made out of concerns about working with Lasseter who had been accused of allegedly sexually harassing people as well as some alleged issues involving abuse of alcohol. When Lasseter was hired at Skydance, Holly Edwards was promoted to studio president and it was said that she’d be his point person, making her a buffer between him and the talent. It looks, however, like that buffer was just not enough for Thompson.