Iron Fist is the red-headed stepchild of the Netflix MCU. The first season of his show was derided as the first big mistake from Netflix’s take on Marvel heroes and his appearance in the Defenders didn’t get much more love. That said, it takes a lot to keep Danny Rand down and he’s back for a second season after making a small appearance in season 2 of Luke Cage.

Today, season 2 of the show was introduced with a short trailer. It doesn’t show much, just a small street-level fight scene. However, the new trailer came with an announcement that one of the bad guys Iron Fist (Finn Jones) would be going up against this season is Typhoid Mary. We also learned that she’ll be played by Alice Eve.

While Typhoid Mary is going to be doing her worst, it was also revealed today that Colleen Wing and Misty Knight would officially be forming their own team as the Daughters of the Dragon. Iron Fist season 2 premiers Friday, September 7th on Netflix.