YouTube user Khameleon808 has crafted this amazing fan made “Tron: Legacy” trailer using scenes from several previously released trailer for “Tron: Legacy.” The edit is so fine, that even Tron’s official Facebook linked to the trailer.

Here’s what Khameleon808 had to say:

This is my first Trailer/Feature and I had alot of fun making it. I started working on this shorty after The Apple Tree was released. The title and intro are indeed a tipping hat to Daft Punk’s Video “Derezzed”. They came out with their video right around the time I was finishing mine up, and I still hadnt thought of a title. So I thought it would be fun to keep the name scheme similar as well as the feel of the setup. No harm meant, got nothing but love for Daft Punk and hope this video becomes a nice companion video to theirs.

In case you’re wondering, the track used is a song called “The Glitch Mod” by Animus Vox and while it’s not Daft Punk, it’s just as good.