I’ve never watched Downton Abbey, the British series that tells the story of… well… Downton Abbey, the people who live there, control it and want to control it…. but I would consider watching it if it only had more roast beef sandwiches like this great parody by Josh Weiner, Downton Arby’s.

In this version, everything is pretty much the same, but it all takes place at an Arby’s. The sketch features: Matt Walsh, Richard Kind, Beth Tapper, Michael Cassady, Erin Gibson, Ingrid Haas, Jennie Pearson, Madeline Walter, Anne Gregory, Anthony Gioe and Jack Allison. Directed by Chris VanArtsdalen and Jeff Dutton.

On a side note…. WTF Arby’s… when the hell are you gonna bring back those little Egg Roll thingies?!? They were like crack. Delicious, mouthwatering crack!

Source: yahoo