Entertainment Tonight had a chance to visit the set of Total Recall and sit down with Collin Farrel, Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale to talk about their experiences on set.

Here is some of what the cast had to say about the film when they sat down with ET.
Kate Beckinsale
“I’ve never played a bad guy before, the villain. We found it fun to make her American when she’s nice and English when she’s horrible, just because we can.”

Collin Farrell
“The sets have been cool, man really cool. I’ve had mates say everything is green screen, is it hard to imagine the environment?”

Jessica Biel
“You know what, I’m covered in bruises, I hurt like hell, I threw my back out whatever, I’m ready to go. Put me back in the harness, I want to remember this moment.”

Source: CBM