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Let’s be honest. Eternals was a mess. Not even the pandemic can be blamed for the fact that it is the 4th lowest-grossing film out of thirty MCU movies, it was the first Marvel film to get the Rotten rating on Rottentomatoes, or the fact that figures from the film are still sitting on the shelves of Target and Walmart on clearance this long after their release. The idea that Marvel Studios is sticking with this film as part of the franchise and giving it a sequel seems unwise on any level. Just the overhead on the cast salaries for Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek (in flashbacks probably), and Kit Harrington is a lot to carry, not forgetting the entire rest of the cast.

Still, Marvel is doubling down on The Eternals and there are some new rumors floating around about how they plan to integrate the film into the wider Marvel Universe as well as what we can expect from the sequel.

First, let’s talk about the sequel. All of these rumors are just that. Rumors. Take them with a heavy pinch of salt. According to ¬†@MyTimeToShineH, The film is going to have a much more cosmic angle than the first movie. This makes sense as the first movie ended with half of the team kidnapped by a Celestial and the other half taking off into the stars to find them before being met by Pip and Eros (Patton Oswalt and Harry Styles). The sequel will allegedly see some of the Eternals having to argue to Arishem (their boss celestial), that Earth is worth saving, even if it meant turning a new Celestial into stone. It is also being reported that Chlo√© Zhao will most likely not be in the director’s seat when the film comes back. In fact, there’s a solid chance that there will be no involvement from her at all in the film.

So, how do The Eternals fit into the MCU? We don’t know the future of Kit Harrington’s Black Knight yet, nor do we know how his ties to Blade will play out, but some sources are now claiming that the events of The Eternals will feature heavily in Captain America: New World Order, Thunderbolts, And the future of Mutants.

First, it’s all about the dead Celestial. There are conflicting sources about how this stone corpse will feature, but it will apparently be a big deal. According to multiple sources, it turns out that the material inside the stone body will be what the MCU will come to know as Adamantium. And, the discovery of this metal that might be even more precious than Wakanda’s Vibranium sets off a global conflict for control of the God-shaped island and its mineral rights. The rumors further go to state that leading the charge will be General Thaddeus Thunderbolt Ross (Harrison Ford). This will not only play a major role in the plot of Captain America: New World Order, but many believe it is why the release date for Thunderbolts is just two months later.

Finally, there’s the most contentious rumor. What is the island formally known as the Celestial Tiamat? According to some sources, it will eventually be known as Genosha. If you’re a Marvel comics fan, that’s a name you are more than a little familiar with as it’s the defacto homeland of mutantkind.

Are these rumors true? We don’t know. Honestly, given the recent reports that Marvel is taking a closer look at the failures of Phase Four, we wouldn’t be all that surprised if the movie gets knocked off the slate entirely.