The new space thriller, Europa Report has just launched their first teaser trailer and viral campaign. The film, which stars Sharlto Copley and Michael Nyqvist is the story of a group of Astronauts who are sent to Jupiter’s moon, Europa in search of water.

Official Synopsis:
For decades, scientists have theorized the existence of liquid water oceans on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. We’ve recently discovered new, captivating evidence that these sub-surface oceans do exist and could support life.

We’ve sent six astronauts from space programs throughout the world on a three year journey to Europa to explore its oceans and confirm these findings.

We’re proud to be at the forefront of the effort to prove the existence of extra-terrestrial life within our solar system, within our lifetimes.

Here’s the first viral bit (a fourteen minute live feed of the footage from inside the space ship):

Here’s the LINK to the viral

Source: Collider