“The Italian Job” director F. Gary Gray has been hired to direct the film adaptation of “The Last Days of American Crime.”

Based on a comic series by Rick Remender (Punisher, Fear Agent, Strange Girl), “The Last Days of American Crime,” is a bi-monthly miniseries publishing under Radical Publishing and tells the story of Graham Brick, a petty criminal unable to land a big score but is seeking to pull off one last heist before an anti-crime signal is released rendering people unable to willingly commit crimes.

Sam Worthington (Avatar) is set to play Graham Brick.

So far the development for “The Last Days of American Crime” seems to be shaping up well. I can’t really comment of the hiring of Gray, but it’s clear that he’s a talented director and last I heard “The Italian Job” was a great movie. Hopefully he can really make the gritty futuristic America pop. Having loved the comic, this is one film I’m looking forward to.

Source: Deadline