Here’s a great fan film by Trent Duncan that blends three of the most iconic horror greats into one film. “Freddy vs. Jason. vs Ash” is every hardcore horror geek’s dream. But instead of wishing for a film that blended the three, Duncan made it himself. There’s some cheese and somehow Jason and Freddy just aren’t that scary in bright daylight, but hey, it’s a fan film I’d like to see you do better.

Here’s the film synopsis:
Sisters Lucy (Maddie Bright) and Holly (Ashley Brooke) are stranded with their friend Danielle (Erica Lea Shelton) on the roadside as Freddy Krueger (Danny Zetwo) and Jason Voorhees (Cheyenne Hess) team up to hunt and manipulate the stranded ladies in order to transport Ash Williams (Adam Henrickon) back to this world and seek their ultimate revenge.

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