If you were worried that Sinestro won’t have a place in the upcoming HBO Max Green Lantern series, you can relax. News broke today, via Knight Edge Media that a casting call is currently out for the character. The good news is that it looks like we’ll get a deeper look at Sinestro’s fall to darkness in the new series, the sad news is that a casting call pretty much promises no chance that Mark Strong will reprise the role from the film.

Here’s the breakdown from the casting call:

(Male, 40s, any ethnicity)
The greatest of all the Green Lanterns, Sinestro is akin to a warrior monk, the personification of grace under pressure. He serves as the strategic commander for the Corps and all Lanterns follow his orders without question. Although he is revered for his unmatched will power and wisdom, a darker destiny belies his otherwise Zen demeanor. [SERIES REGULAR]

Sinestro joins a cast of lanterns that already is set to feature Alan Scott, Jessica Cruz, Bree Jarta, Guy Gardner and Simon Baz.