Fanboys is a movie that has been a long time in the making. The ultimate Star Wars fan movie has been sitting in limbo for a couple years now because the studio didn’t like the fact that a kid had cancer in it. Well, after a long fight where it looked like the film would never see the light of day, it got a surprise screening at Comic Con and will finally be getting its release sometime in the next several months.

It’s the Halloween party they’ve all been waiting for, to have fun with friends and hang out with fellow Star Wars fans and partners in crime. However, events take a turn when one of their bunch who long ago outgrew his old gang and took on adult responsibilities is suddenly in their midst again. Reconnecting is not easy. But soon, Eric, Windows, Hutch and Zoe realize that Linus will not live long enough to experience what’s been on their minds for ages: The long-awaited theatrical release of Star Wars – Episode I, which is still several months away. Linus once again suggests to his friends what he’s been scheming since fifth grade: Breaking into Skywalker Ranch, this time to steal a print of the movie. Crazy, right? But it might be the only way for Linus to see the movie before he dies. So as insane as it sounds, they take Hutch’s van and embark on a mission to drive across half the country to the Ranch.

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  1. Dunno how much she’ll be in this movie, she wasn’t even listed in the credits… which is always a bad sign, unless they are doing something sneaky like with Tom Cruise and TT.

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