The CW is airing a couple big specials tonight along with the return of the Flash. The purpose of the specials are to get people hyped up for the new series, DC Legends of Tomorrow (as if we already weren’t plenty excited) as well as to promote the upcoming roster of DC/WB films including: Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, Wonderwoman, Suicide Squad,and Justice League. While we know we’ll be getting a new trailer for Suicide Squad, and some behind the scenes footage from both BVS and Wonder Woman, we don’t know how much they’ll show from the planning work they’ve been doing on Justice League.

The good news is that they are at least willing to give us a look at the main line-up from the film by way of a piece of concept art that was just released. Included in the image are Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, as well as our first looks at the cinematic versions of Flash and Cyborg. One character who is missing from the image is Martian Manhunter who is rumored to have been messed with so much by the WB/DC braintrust that he’s now nothing more than an Area 51 version of the Incredible Hulk.

Hopefully we’ll see more, but here’s the image we’ve got until then.