Wow, that’s all I can say. Empire Online has just posted some exclusive shots at the upcoming “Clash of the Titans” remake.

“What I wanted to do was just tell a very human story,” says director Louis Leterrier. “Yes, I was really interested in doing the big monster fight at the end of that, but what was really interesting for me was the human side of it. Perseus is a conflicted hero, he hates it, which is so much better than a ‘real’ hero. The original Perseus is embracing it and takes the weapons Zeus gives him.”

“He’s just your golden hero that you’re meant to follow,” says Worthington of the old Perseus. “I feel when my Perseus starts out, he should be this bombastic tank. The gods have killed his family. He’s Charles Bronson! He’s gonna go for revenge, and the best way to achieve that is to kill the Kraken. Well, to kill the Kraken you gotta kill Medusa. To get to Medusa, you gotta take on the witches. Then once he kills the Kraken, he’s gonna kill fuckin’ Hades and Zeus and everybody else! But along the way he needs to learn to calm down, ask for help. And out of that comes the true hero. A hero isn’t someone who leads men; a hero is someone that’s in the trench with the men.”

Source: Empire Online