Comic Book Movie, has your first look outside of Comic-Con of a pivotal member of the Green Lantern’s Corps, Tomar-Re, from Warner Bros.’ highly anticipated upcoming “Green Lantern” film. If I remember correctly, this was the same image that was shown to those who attended the “Green Lantern” panel at Comic-Con last month and will more likely be how Tomar-Re will appear in the film.

It’s said that Tomar-Re will act as Hal Jordan’s spiritual guide in the film as well as be one of Hal’s many mentors. In the DC comics, Tomar-Re was one of the more prominent members of the Crops, who trained new members and served in the Honor Guard.

I think the design is looking great, but it’s almost terrifying considering he looks like a large alien chicken man. He’d definitely take some getting use to.

Source: CBM