I get pretty nervous when people make over the cartoons I loved as a child. I had enough trouble When Voltron shifted gears from lions to cars. The recent reboot also had a lot left to be desired. Now, as we get our first look at the upcoming series from Netflix and Dreamworks, I’m taking a cautiously optimistic sigh of relief.

No, I don’t love the design of Voltron in comparison to the original, but it still beats the one from a couple years ago. The characters look great, the voices fit (with contributing talent that includes Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead and Tyler Labine of Tucker and Dale vs. Evil), it could have been much worse. This at least looks like a solid foundation.

Five unsuspecting teenagers, transported from Earth into the middle of a sprawling intergalactic war, become pilots for five robotic lions in the battle to protect the universe from evil. Only through the true power of teamwork can they unite to form the mighty warrior known as Voltron: Legendary Defender.