Despite the fact that Rumble doesn’t hit theaters until January 29, 2021, Paramount has just dropped the first trailer for the animated Kaiju wrestling film starring Terry Crews and Will Arnett. With a year to go before release, we don’t know too much about the story yet. But, it looks like we’re in for a good, old-fashioned, underdog who doesn’t understand his full potential story, but with giant monsters who peacefully live in a world with humans. When one human woman takes it upon herself to train Will Arnett’s character (probably because her small town needs him to win a big money fight and help them all?), comedy ensues. Interestingly, that comedy seems to include training through the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. It’s cute, and so far it works. We’re looking forward to seeing more.

In a world where monsters are global wrestling superstars, one unlikely champion is stepping into the ring. Watch the official trailer for #RumbleMovie, slamming into theatres in 2021.