With Indiana Jones 5 heading into production in the next few months and Harrison Ford recently telling reporters that the movie needs to be as good as the Marvel films to be worth making, it looks like Steven Spielberg is looking to inject some new blood into the Franchise.

Variety is reporting that the director of everything from Jaws and E.T. to Schindler’s List is opting not to direct the fifth film in the Indian Jones saga. So, for the first time in 39 years, another director will be sitting in the chair when the whip cracks. So, who will fill such big shoes? According to the report, everything but the signature is done on a deal to bring in Ford v Ferrari/ Logan director James Mangold is the man for the job.

The change doesn’t mean that Spielberg is stepping away in entirety. He’s staying on as a hands-on producer for the film. From our perspective, we think Mangold is a great choice. We just hope this new adventure is better than Crystal Skull.