It was just a few weeks ago that Disney revealed they were not only making animated film with George Lucas, but that it was coming out in January. Today, we got the first trailer and it looks, OK. Without Lucas and Disney attached, I’d say we were getting ready for a slightly better animated version of 2013’s Epic.

The cast includes: Alan Cumming, Evan Rachel Wood, Kristin Chenoweth, Maya Rudolph, Sam Palladio, Meredeth Anne Bull, Alfred Molina, Elijah Kelley, Bob Einstein, and Peter Stormare and the film is set to hit theaters on January 23.

The release date is really the most interesting thing for me here. There’s been a lot of talk about the pending release date for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer. We’ve been told by “sources” that it would be in theaters between today and December 19th. We’ve also been told that it would be out with The Hobbit, but I’m not sure that makes sense (and Disney has flatly denied it.)

This is one of those trailers that is so highly anticipated that it means millions of dollars in revenue to whatever movie it’s attached to first. Even though it’s a month later than the online reports, wouldn’t it make the most sense to release the teaser with a Lucasfilm movie, especially one that is clearly going to need some box office support?

SOurce: Collider