Showbiz411 is reporting that 20th Century Fox wants “Twilight” werewolf star Taylor Lautner to join the cast of Fox’s upcoming “X-Men: First Class.” As reported, Fox has offered him a role in the film which has yet to be revealed.

With the success of the “Twilight” film, Fox is adamant about having fresh young actors and they’ve certainly gone after the right star. But the question remains on how well received Lautner will be with comic book fanboys who despise all things “Twilight.”

Rage and bile has already filled online forums with the rumor of Lautner being offered a role in “First Class.”

Personally, I’m not against having Lautner in the film. He’s young, popular, already jacked and has a martial arts background, which is more than I can say for other actors cast in superhero movies. *cough*BenAffleck*cough* And let’s be honest, he wasn’t given much to work with in terms of dialogue or acting in “Twilight.” With that said, and coming from someone who is not a Twilight sympathizer, I say give him a chance.

If Robert Pattinson can play a vampire and a Harry Potter lacky, I don’t see why Lautner can’t be a werewolf and a mutant.