I was against the idea of a Heathers Remake from the get go, but the first trailer is out, along with some new details about the upcoming TV series that has me a lot more open-minded than I thought I’d be. Sure, the acting appears for crap, but the concept is solid. Instead of just creating a giant, ongoing series, it looks like they’ll be treating this as an anthology. Each 10-episode season will be a self-contained story. Each season will have a new group of “Heathers”. I’m not sure if each season will have their own take on JD and Veronica (the characters originally played by Wynona Ryder and Christian Slater), or if they will be a throughline that carries across all seasons.

As open-minded as I’m trying to be about the reboot, the internet has not exactly been quite as kind, with many people commenting that they think it looks awful and really have on interest in seeing this remake.