Duncan Jones can be a mildly decisive director. While it’s hard to find a single person in the world who didn’t love ‘Moon’, his 2009 film starring Sam Rockwell, it is equally challenging to find anyone that liked his 2016 attempt to bring Warcraft to the big screen. His newest sci fi film, ‘Mute’ is heading for Netflix and the trailer just dropped today.

The movie has a lot going for it. First off, the cast he’s put together is pretty spectacular with Alexander Skarsgard as a mute man who is trying to find his missing girlfriend in a near future Berlin, and Paul Rudd and Justin Theroux as two sketchy U.S. Army surgeons who may or may not be able (or willing) to help him.

Mute is set to drop onto your Netflix Queue on February 23rd.

Berlin, the future, but close enough to feel familiar: In this loud, often brutal city, Leo (Alexander Skarsgård) – unable to speak from a childhood accident – searches for his missing girlfriend, the love of his life, his salvation, through dark streets, frenzied plazas, and the full spectrum of the cities shadow-dwellers. As he seeks answers, Leo finds himself mixed up with Cactus Bill (Paul Rudd) and Duck (Justin Theroux), a pair of irreverent US army surgeons on a mission all their own. This soulful sci-fi journey from filmmaker Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code, Warcraft) imagines a world of strange currencies in which echoes of love and humanity are still worth listening to.