I’ve often found that it’s never a good sign when a studio decided to drop a movie trailer on a Sunday Afternoon 2 weeks before Christmas. Still, that’s exactly what happened today with Independence Day: Resurgence, the sequel to ID4.

I’m still pretty amazed that they moved forward on this project without Will Smith, but I’m not that amazed that Will Smith has moved forward without this project. Yes, there’s very little that we know about it, as of yet, but there was not a single moment in this trailer that was the least bit exciting. Where the Force Awakens trailer used voice over from the original films to evoke nostalgia, this trailer’s use of the original presidential speech from ID4 felt like it was there to make sure we realized it was still the same franchise.

Decades after original ID4 alien attack, Earth is threatened with a new extra-terrestrial threat, but will the planet’s installed space defenses be enough?