”FlashForward” fans are hoping to give ABC execs a taste of their own medicine with perhaps one of the cooler “Save our Show” campaigns that I’ve heard of yet, although not entirely original.

Sure, many fans may have already sent 20,000 “friendship” bracelets to ABC Entertainment chairman Steve McPherson much like how “Jericho” fans sent peanuts to CBS. But this time they are planning a massive rolling blackout.

Yes, true enough and in the spirit of “FlashForward’s” central premise, fans are flash mobbing in front of ABC network and affiliate offices in New York, L.A., Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta on June 10 to stage their own blackout protest/geeky begging.

Similar the blackout on the show, it will last for exactly two minutes and 17 seconds, and fans will pretend to pass out in front of all the ABC offices.

For more information and how to be involved in this “Save our Show” campaign, you can check out the Facebook page for “Save FlashForward” here and their website here.

It’s not going to bring “FlashForward” back. But it’s going to make for a pretty interesting morning over at ABC HQ in Burbank. (Or Glendale, if folks show up at KABC/Channel 7 instead). Check out the Facebook page for “Save FlashForward” here, and the website here.

Source: Variety