Summer is nearly over and school has started. Good news for some, bad to others. And the ringing of the school bells means one thing to me… being sick. My daughter spent two days in preschool before coming home with the sniffles. While she was able to shake it off rather quickly, poor dad became insanely ill. While it was not a zombie virus, I was about as productive as a mindless walking corpse. Minus the walking part. So, because I spent four straight days asleep, the zombie news is going to be a bit thin this week.

What better way to start than to talk about free stuff you can win? Don’t forget, the YBMW exclusive package of zombie goodness contest is still rolling and we’ll have a winner chosen in two weeks. Email your name and address to for your chance to win. The beginning of a new month also means new contests at Zombies & Toys! Swing by to see how you can win more items from Horror Signs, Sourpuss Clothing, and T-Shirt Bordello. Plus we have some new books to give away.

But what about the zombie news? Top on my list was hearing that Scarlett Johansson may be bringing heat to cold zombie flesh in a new movie . Oh, yeah, Joseph Gordon- Levitt is rumored to be cast as well. Last year, we has several posts about a new book by S.G. Browne. Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament, is the unique tale of love and life after undeath in a world where zombies are sentient beings. The book is a personal favorite of mine and has quite an interesting story of its own. Diablo Cody jumped on board to produce the film before the book was even published. A book, mind you, that was turned down by several dozen publishers before one finally agreed to print it.

In addition to news and reviews about the book and movie, Zombies & Toys also had an exclusive interview with author, S.G. Browne. Even though the internets is full of undisputed truths, the two young actors at this time are said to be “loosely” attached to the film.

Speaking of books, a new zombie title hits the shelves this month. Night of the Living Trekkies tells the tale of a hotel employee being attacked by zombies from a Star Trek convention. As if working at a hotel full of costumed Trekkies wouldn’t be scary enough! Imagine working at a hotel full of costumed Trekkies who have been turned into zombies and are trying to eat you. Was it “Trekkie” that’s derogatory or “Trekker”? Make sure to visit Zombies & Toys next month as we will not only feature a review of the book but also be giving another copy away along with a poster!

Of course, no week would be complete without mentioning the upcoming AMC series, The Walking Dead. This time, in what can only be described as an epic win for zombie fans, AMC announced that filming of the second season will begin in February! Yes, they have committed to a 13 episode second season even before a single frame from the first has been aired. As equally exciting was the news that the next season may take place in the winter with Frank Darabont describing the scene from the comic where the zombie is frozen in the snow. The first episode will premier on Halloween night. For once, candy is taking a back seat on Halloween!

I hope to be fully recovered from the school sick this weekend. So you can expect me to make up for lost time next week! I hope everyone enjoys the 3-day weekend and make sure to spend some time preparing for the undead apocalypse. Until next week…