FOX canceled a few really good shows today. A little while ago, the studio announced that they’d be pulling the plug on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Last Man On Earth, and The Mick. Brooklyn Nine-Nine is wrapping up its 5th season now and producers say that while the finale isn’t meant to be a series finale, it will at least give fans a satisfying ending. Meanwhile, Last Man on Earth just ended its 4th season on a major cliffhanger that is sure to leave fans more than a little bit frustrated.

As will all shows in the age of streaming and cable networks, cancellation isn’t necessarily the end. Look at Arrested Development and The Mindy Project. They both found new homes on Netflix and Hulu respectively.

While I had trouble getting into The Mick, I was a weekly watcher of both Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Last Man. Here’s hoping that another network is smart enough to pick up a couple of highly original and intelligent shows that aren’t afraid to push boundaries.