One of the things I love about Fox’s Fringe is that the show has become a bit of a game for me. No, I’m not talking about the big plot line or even the individual stories on every episode. For me, the real fun comes from finding the bald dude in every episode. What makes it so fun is that for someone so odd looking , it is amazingly easy for him to blend into a crowd. Heck he even appears in other shows like a recent Nascar broadcast.

This week it looks like things are finally going to get moving on just why the Observer is lurking around, but until yesterday there was some concern that the show might not get a chance to make it to season two.

Thankfully, the J.J. Abrams created show will have a chance to come back and gain an even bigger audience next fall.

Along with the overall writing acting and effects, another high-point of the show is that it tells you how long you have to take a bathroom break before the commercials are over… awesome.