Was the reboot of Ghostbusters great? No, but it didn’t end up be the crapfest that the trailers seemed to promise and the fans were clearly expecting. If it was part of the DC film universe, Zak Snyder would probably be hailing it as a huge success and planning a dozen more films. Thankfully it is not, and while the actual cast of the Ghostbusters film actually showed a great deal of promise, the box office numbers told a different tale. Instead of a haunted city, the ticket sales read more like a ghost town. In the end, it looks like the film will lose the studio somewhere around $70 million dollars.

If there’s a silver lining for the story, at least for fans of the original film, it’s that Sony is not giving up completely on the franchise. They are actively pursuing an animated feature for theater release in 2019 and a new animated TV series called Ghostbusters: Ecto Force for early 2018. The part that will really get fans excited is that Paul Fieg won’t be the one at the wheel for these projects, Sony has tapped Ivan Reitman for the gig. The studio has actually given him a mandate to expand the brand across several platforms, under the new Subsidiary banner of Ghost Corps./

Source: THR