Variety is reporting that Marvel is going to reboot their second movie series in the last ten years. Recently, they pulled a reboot on the Hulk series after Ang Lee made the big green guy fight giant mutant poodles. Now, Marvel and Fox are announcing that they will be doing the same to the Fantastic Four franchise. So forget what you thought you knew from the last two films. Forget Jessica Alba as The Invisible Woman and Forget The Nip/Tuck Dude as a grasshopper legged Dr. Doom. It’s all new, All different, and hopefully, not all suck.

New script will be written by Michael Green, the “Heroes” co-executive producer who co-wrote “Green Lantern,” the Martin Campbell-directed Warner Bros. film that will star Ryan Reynolds.

Fox would not comment on its plans, and neither would Columbia Pictures when BFD revealed a couple weeks its plan to potentially re-boot the studio’s most valuable franchise, “Spider-Man.”

It isn’t clear at this point if they will be full reboots or if some cast members will return. All that we do know right now is that FOX owns the rights in perpetuity which means that as long as they keep making FF movies, no matter how bad, they will retain the rights.