Seth Rogen just can’t catch a break. He’s been busting his balls to get this Green Hornet movie made, but things just keep going badly for him. First they can’t figure out what kind of movie they want it to be, then they lose a director, then they lose Kato… It just goes on and on. It all started to look like things were changing too. They got a new director, a new Kato, they even made a big splash at Comic Con and now this happens.

The Green Hornet, which has already been pushed back a couple times, has been pushed back again from next summer to December 17, 2010. This is starting to sound like Wolfman, but at least that movie finally has a trailer out.

Here’s what adds up to a big pile of suck for the GH movie. Now it has a lot more competition. Right now, they are going to be up against two major releases: Yogi Bear and The Smurfs. As stupid as that sounds, these movies could suffocate the classic hero flick.