Back in May, we reported that Fox had canceled Breaking in, Human Target and Lie to Me. Well, the fates have intervened and ‘Breaking In’ has been resurrected with a thirteen episode order for next season. This makes it the second time that the show was brought back from the dead.

Ben Harrison Christian Slater can owe the decision to two major factors. One, Sony had so much faith in the show that they shouldered the cost of optioning the cast (Hey AMC, that’s how you support a show!). Second, the show’s creator, Adam Goldberg, also had another show (an untitled 80’s family sitcom) that Fox and everyone else really wanted.

I liked what I’ve seen of Breaking in. I think that any show with Ben Harris, Christian Slater and Michael Rosenbaum is a good idea. Harris and Slater have had some of the crappiest luck when it comes to TV in the last few years. The only real weak spot in the show as it stands right now is the “geek character”. He’s got the heavy handedness of an Amos and Andy type character in the 30’s.

* I’m not making that reference because he’s black, but because its accurate. I could also say that his geek persona carries the same level of stereotypical crap as Long Duk Dong or Speedy Gonzales.

Source: Deadline