THR is reporting that FOX21 and Platinum studios is working on making a TV series out of the soon to be released comic book, “Indestructible Man.”

“Indestructible” tells the story of Nick Rabel, an elite secret agent who can’t be killed and discovers the hard way the difference between “indestructible” and “unbreakable.”

There is not much more to say about the project right now, but they are hoping the show will be both action packed and funny… kind of like “Burn Notice,” but with super Powers. Damn, it is almost a year until we get more “Burn Notice” and that makes me sad.

Platinum Studios, Inc. Chairman and CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (Dead of Night) would serve as executive producer.

“Chris and his team really understood this character and the world he inhabits from the very first meeting,” said Rosenberg. “Now the fun begins!”