In an exclusive interview MTV had with Brian Henson, son of legendary “The Muppets” creator Jim Henson, Henson revealed that a “Fraggle Rock” film is “still in very active development. Very active development. That has a very strong script.”

“It’ll have a strong musical component,” Henson also added. “It’ll be expanded to an older audience. ‘Fraggle Rock’ [the TV show] was presented… for a pretty exclusively children’s audience. The feature film does expand it to be more accessible to a wider audience.”

Additionally Henson also revealed that a “Dark Crystal” sequel is also on its way, “We have a ‘Dark Crystal’ sequel, called ‘The Power of the Dark Crystal.’ It has a very strong script.”

“Both of those projects… are very close to going into pre-production,” Henson said. “They’re both really ready to go. [The studio is] just [in the process of] putting together the final finance pieces and the final distribution pieces.”

Source: MTV Movie Blog