For years people knew them as Joey Gladstone and Stephanie Tanner from “Full House”. Then Dave Coulier went on to inspire angty music by Alanis Morrisette and Sweetin went on to host some porn star studded cable show called Pants-Off Dance-Off.

Now the two are getting back together to create a new web series in the same vein as ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

The show’s called “Can’t Get Arrested,” and, a la “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” features Coulier and Sweetin playing themselves — or versions of themselves — who encounter an unexpected chance to spark up new opportunities for their careers.

“Jodie and I … we’re sitting at dinner and the paparazzi takes a picture of us, and they purposely Photoshop a nip slip onto her, and it hits the press,” said Coulier, describing the series’ premise. “So she’s outraged, but I think it’s a real opportunity.

Like any good celebrity web series, you can expect to see random ass guest appearances like Saved By The Bell’s Principal Belding, Dennis Haskins and Kato Kaelin, the man who is famous for living in the vicinity of the OJ Simpson murder.

For my money, the best “real life” web series starring people form 80’s and 90’s sitcoms would have to be “Star-ving” starring Married With Children’s David Faustino and Corin Nemec from ‘Parker Lewis Can’t Lose’.

Check out an episode from that series below. We’ll keep you updated when the first episode of “Can’t Get Arrested.” Just a little warning. The following video is pretty darn NSFW

Source: The Wrap