Legion has been one of the most interesting and creative takes on a comic book adaptation on either the small or large screen, but as many accolades, as the show has received, it looks like its time is running out. The good news is that it looks like this isn’t a straight-up cancelation as much as it is a mutual ending. It turns out that the show’s creator, Noah Hawley, had only planned for a three-season arc anyways.

While we’ll be really sad to see Legion go, we are thrilled to know that the show will have the ending Hawley always envisioned and not some tacked on ending or cancelation-driven cliffhanger. The timing is also very convenient because it clears up any story-based conflicts in case Disney wants to bring Legion into the newly expanded, Post-Merger, MCU.

Next up for Hawley is the previously announced Doctor Doom film from Fox. It will be interesting to see what happens to that movie now that Disney once again owns The Fantastic Four and their rogue’s gallery.