Legendary Pictures recently announced Gareth Edwards as the director of their new “Godzilla” film, which has been in development for about a year now. Edwards is not quite a household name having only one indie feature to his name (Monsters), but he’s definitely someone to look out for and I think an excellent choice to helm Toho’s iconic Godzilla.

Aside from directorial duties, Edwards is also expected to rewrite the script that was written by David Callaham with another writer, who has yet to be named.

“Godzilla” is expected to be a darker and more realistic take on the classic magnificent beast. According to Legendary Pictures producer Brian Rogers, the new film would be similar to Christopher Nolan’s “Batman” films. Probably something like “Cloverfield” meets “The Dark Knight.”

And unlike the previous US remake, Godzilla is expected to have a fellow monster to do battle with. It took about a decade, but it appears as if Hollywood is finally understanding that it’s not really a Godzilla movie without that.

Source: THR