George Miller, writer and director of all of the Mad Max and Babe the pig movies just spoke to Indiewire about follow-up projects that could be coming down the road after the Tom Hardy/ Charlize Theron led Mad Max: Fury Road. Here’s what Miller told Indiewire:

 “There are two stories, both involving Mad Max, and also a Furiosa story. We’re still solving, we’ve got to play out the Warners thing, it seems to be pretty clear that it’s going to happen.”

The “Warners thing” he’s talking about is a messy situation that came into play when ATT bought Warner Bros not too long ago. However, he seems pretty upbeat at the current status as he said this on the matter:

“The chaos has stabilized and it’s become extremely positive as the dust seems to have settled after [the AT&T merger].”

So, it looks like two more Mad Max films and a Furiousa spinoff. Are you excited!?!