Let’s face it, the first two G.I. Joe movies weren’t great. The first one was horrible. The second, while an improvement, isn’t exactly memorable. Still, we are talking about one of the most popular and long-standing toy franchises in Hasbro’s history and they are determined to make a go of cashing in on more than just the Transformers.

THR is now reporting that Paramount is working on a Joe reboot by focusing a new film entirely on the character of Snake Eyes, the popular ninja member of the team. Perhaps this move has been inspired by the success of ‘A Quiet Place,’ as the character is known as being silent.

Aside from the Transformers films, this is the second new film on the slate based on Hasbro Toys. F Gary Gray has already signed up to direct a movie based on the M.A.S.K. toy line. The studio’s long-term goal is to create a shared cinematic toy universe that connects The Jokes, M.A.S.K., Micronauts, and Rom The Space Knight.

Darth Maul/ X-Men’s The Toad actor Ray Park played Snake Eyes in the first two films, but there’s a solid chance that they’d be looking to re-cast with the reboot.