I am a big fan of interesting roles in films for all types of characters, and I will definitely attest to the fact that the LGBT community is woefully underrepresented in movie and TV parts. It’s a problem, but it is thankfully a generational problem. As more and more fresh blood gets into Hollywood, the roles have been slowly starting to increase. It’s not just a problem with roles for black actors and Asian actors as well.

That being said, leave Star Wars the hell alone. I’m not saying don’t add more LGBT characters, I’m saying let the story be developed by the people who did a great job on The Force Awakens. They’ve already majorly amped up the major roles for minority actors in the film, and there is a good chance that one of the main characters, Poe Dameron, may in fact turn out to be gay already. What the film does not need is a lobbying group trying to monkey with a story while it is already filming. This is the kind of thing that should get handled in the story development process and the script writing. Having an LGBT character in the film for the sake of equality just makes them a token. I’m not sure how that is any better than not having them there at all.

There are tons of great stories waiting to be produced that feature strong LGBT characters. More of those films need to be made. And yes, more LGBT characters need to be worked into ongoing franchises and TV series. The reality is, Star Wars will probably be one of the first big family friendly franchises to include LGBT characters, JJ Abrams has already stated that he’s laid the groundwork for some characters from Force Awakens to be more fluid in their preference. Lobbying for it once the movie has been in production for a month is not the way to make it happen.

This is just my personal opinion.

Also… has GLAAD never seen C-3PO?

Source: HNGN