Of all the things I’m jealous about in Japan vs the US, I’d have never suspected that 7-11 would be near the top of the list. The convenience store chain is a little different in Japan than it is here in the USA. Along with better snacks, they’ve got amazing toys and collectibles that they release regularly. It’s the kind of thing that American chains like Walgreens are just starting to do with McFarlane Toys, Star Wars Black Series, and Marvel Legends figures. Unfortunately, none of the toys getting released in convenience stores and pharmacies here are anywhere near as cool as what 7-11 has to offer.

Case in point, the new Godzilla/ Evangelion crossover figure. This summer, Japan is releasing their newest Godzilla film, Shin Godzilla, which was actually directed by the creator of Evangelion, Hideaki Anno.

In celebration of the creator’s work on Japan’s favorite son, the convenience chain is set to release this awesome new figure of Mechagodzilla painted in the colors of Evangelion Unit-01. Officially, they’ve named the creature the Mecha Godzilla Test Type Version.

Along with the colors from Evangelion Unit-01, the figure will also have extended spikes on its back, making it more like the Eva. It will be made from PVC and measure in at around 6.7 inches tall. people lucky enough to grab one will have to fork over 3,880 yen (US$36), but that will also get them a ticket to the new movie. Good luck getting one. They are limited to just 4,000 pieces.

In case you’ve missed it online. Here’s the trailer for the new Godzilla film:

Source: Rocketnews