Back in September we mentioned how “Pirates of the Caribbean” director Gore Verbinski might team up with Disney to direct the big screen adaption of “The Lone Ranger.” Well, apparently it is now official. Verbinski will be the man in charge of bringing the Lone Ranger back to life in an all new featured film.

There’s not a lot of information regarding this film, aside from the fact that Johnny Depp will play Tonto, the Lone Ranger’s sidekick. No one has been mentioned to play the lead of the Lone Ranger himself, but that news is expected to change now that Disney’s landed Verbinski.

The Lone Ranger is an American radio and television show created by George W. Trendle. It followed the adventures of a masked Texas Ranger in the American Old West who rode around on his white horse Silver and fought injustices with the aid of his clever, Native American sidekick, Tonto. The film is said to be an origins story for The Lone Ranger.

Source: Deadline