Gotham fans might soon have the problem of too much of a good thing. When the show was originally planned, they put together a story that fit tightly into 16 episodes for this season and then a plan for the next two seasons. The good news is that the show is doing great. The bad news is that the show is doing so great that the network has ordered 6 more episodes for this season, potentially screwing up the whole story plan. Here’s what producer Danny Cannon said recently about the prospect of adding episodes to the season:

“We’re aiming at 16 [episodes] right now and we have two other seasons figured out if they care to give us the go ahead. Once the ball started rolling on all these characters, and Commissioner Gordon’s journey and Bruce Wayne’s journey, once we figured that out we spread it out to fit those 16. If they were to change the order, we would have an emergency meeting.”

Let’s just hope this doesn’t mean a bunch of poorly executed filler episodes that take away from the great universe that the show has started to create.

Source: Collider