I’m not going to bother with a spoiler warning here. We’ve known this movie was going to happen for the last year, regardless of whatever did or did not happen in Endgame. Calling this a spoiler is kind of like saying that knowing Spider-Man: Far From Home is coming out in a couple of months is a spoiler for Endgame.

THR is reporting that James Gunn is going to be a very busy guy. He’s currently working on prepping Suicide Squad 2 to shoot this fall for DC and then it appears he’ll be hopping back over to the MCU for his return to the Guardians Of the Galaxy as he directs GOTG Vol 3.

The threequel will enter a busy Marvel production schedule that has the Black Widow standalone film (please be about Budapest) and The Eternals shooting this year. After that, the studio will get working on Shang-Chi and then Guardians of The Galaxy Vol 3 in 2020.

This could mean that the director could end up doing pre-production for Guardians while he’s still working on filming Suicide Squad 2.

What we don’t currently know is the make-up of the team. Based on the events of Endgame, there are a few different rosters we could be looking at as well as a few different plots that they could be looking to tackle.